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To Parents…

Since my children were babies, they have been surrounded by books and have spent many days at the library. The kids enjoyed telling me how and why they liked books or stories, and so I got the idea to get their reviews. At first I just typed what they said but then I started to tape them.

I can’t tell you how many books we have picked up from the library that have been void of plot, boring, and so on, I would have loved some kid tested recommendations…who knows this might save you some time at the library!

The reviews themselves are a work in progress, at first they were really comfortable in front of the camera, then they got very uncomfortable, but they said they wanted to work through it. As they have grown up… they’ve discovered YouTube for themselves, and want to do their own videos.  After a year of working on it… they are starting to get into their own, but just keep in mind that they are children.

We’ve been through a lot of books, the ones we have here are the books that the kids have asked to review, unless otherwise noted. 

I hope you get some recommendations! Feel free to head over to YouTube and subscribe to our channel!