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A few years ago, our community had positive rocks introduced… and it quickly became a phenomenon. Many communities had this happen and the concept was called different things, but in our community, Positive Rocks became a big hit.

The Idea

Positive RocksI have heard that this idea was created by many individuals, but I believe the idea originated with The Kindness Rocks Project, if I am wrong let me know, but that is what I have found with some research. Anyway, the premise is basic… paint a rock, give it a positive message, hide it (but not too hard), and allow someone else to find that little bit of positivity when they might need it most. 

Our Community

A Positive Rock GardenWhile out walking one day, the kids and I stumbled across a painted rock. The rock didn’t have a positive message but it was a blue sky with a smiley face sun, and on the back it told us to visit our community’s Positive Rock Facebook page. So, I grabbed my phone, looked it up, and found out what was going on. That’s when I learned about positive rocks, and my kids really loved the idea.

Our community’s Facebook page was basically just set up to allow people who found rocks, a place to showcase them, and let others know that they had rehidden them. I will be honest, while the kids loved showing the world the rocks they found, I thought the Facebook page really took away from the meaning behind the project, but of course that is just my opinion.

Our Positive Summer

We spent all summer painting, hiding, and finding positive rocks. My kids got the neighbor kids really into it as well, and I even made quite a few rocks. It was fun doing the activity together and knowing that we were doing something that might bring some joy to others.

As fall and winter came, the positive rocks became less plentiful in our community, which is understandable. The next summer it wasn’t quite as popular, however this third summer it has seen some revival. We haven’t made as many as we did that first summer but the kids and I find ourselves out on our front porch from time to time, painting rocks with something we feel is on our hearts… and I still love the idea.

My Tips for Positive Rocks

The point is to be positive, so making sure that you, or your kids, are sending something out into the world that is actually positive… well… it’s the whole point to me. We found lots of rocks with just glitter on them or rocks that had ads on them, and honestly, it really isn’t the point. 

Painting the rocks can be as easy as using acrylic paints, but if you want the message to last a bit, I would spray your rocks, once the paint has dried, with a clear sealer coat.

Lastly, you might be wondering, where do we get all the rocks… well, we bought a bunch of landscaping rocks from an Amish family, and during that process we also bought several totes of rocks for super cheap. However, you can get some from a variety of places, the park, out hiking, your yard, a local farmer, and even Amazon.

We Made a Garden

Positive Rock GardenThat first summer I had read a few comments on our community’s Positive Rock Facebook page, from mothers with really young kids.

They were struggling finding rocks with their little kids for various reasons, and it got me thinking. At that time we were landscaping our side yard, and I decided to put in a small area for a Positive Rock Garden. I did this, put it on the Facebook page, and it became a pretty popular place.

Last year, we put in a Little Library on our property and with it, decided to move the Positive Rock Garden from its original location to the area of the Little Library. Since then, our corner has been a very popular place!

Doing What We Can

We can’t all have positive rock gardens, but we can all do small positive things each day for those around us. I love this idea because there have been so many people that have found rocks with the exact message they needed that day. Imagine having a really horrible day, nothing goes right, but then you see this rainbow rock that reads…

Storms don’t last forever!

That is why we continue to make positive rocks, not to showcase or promote, but to spread some light and joy! I hope you incorporate this into your community or help reignite the flames of this project!

Bem + Fam 🙂

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