Teaching Honesty

Honesty is the Best Policy

We have all heard honesty is the best policy. We have also all heard that little white lies don’t hurt anyone. Sometimes… our children are caught in the middle of this and it is important to send the right message. 

teaching honesty

Honesty, in my opinion, is the foundation of any relationship and is a pillar of good character. Children often hear about being honest or “not lying” but really don’t understand the “whys” or “hows”. Why is it important? How will both being honest and dishonest effect me?

This character trait can be learned by observation, many things can be learned this way… but giving children tools to understand honesty is essential. As a homeschool mom, I wanted to make character training just as important as any academic study and that is why I created a printable lesson to help children understand the idea of honesty in a more relatable way. I also have a FREE printable for my blog family below!

raising honest kids

By using science and history, the quality of honesty becomes easier for children to grasp and honestly (lol) it is more fun! This lesson is very flexible. It can be broken up into 4 lessons and taught to children, especially younger children, or given to older children to accomplish on their own. I have tied in geography, crafts, have an additional reading list. Click the above button or here to grab it for yourself.

Exclusively for my blog family… I created this 1 page free honesty printable with no strings attached… just from me to you!

Live Honesty Class

Maybe you aren’t a homeschooling family but still want some help teaching honesty to your kiddos… check out my live class called, Honesty and Learning the Principles of Character. I have partnered up with Outschool to begin teaching this class online! This class consists of four 45 minute classes full of discussion, crafts, videos, story time, and each learner will receive the printable lesson above! PLUS… if you are new to Outschool… by visiting here, you will get $20 off… making this class only $10*!

*The $20 off is only for those NEW to Outschool and Outschool handles the discount after purchase. PLEASE email Outschool at support@outschool.com after the purchase and they will initiate the $20 refund.

Grab This Book

My kids love this book, The Empty Pot, and it really helps to teach about the topic, not just about being truthful, but character in general. We’ve used this book so much that the pages are literally falling out! Such a sweet story.

 Congrats for taking such an active roll in your kiddos character! 

BEM + Fam 🙂

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