Lessons From the Garden

Happy Accidents

Growing up, we didn’t have much and by the time I was 13, I was a ward of the State. From that point on, I lived in many different situations, some amazing and some not, but I knew that one day I would have my own home and be able to make it a home… that involved having a garden and some tulips, but I didn’t count on getting a lesson from my garden.

Our Tulips

lessons from the gardenOne day in January, we walked into Lowes and saw they had tons of bulbs on sale. It was a bit milder than normal that January and after talking to the lawn care worker, we decided to buy all of the tulips and daffodils that they had, which was mainly red, yellow, pink and white, though we were able to grab one bunch of purple tulips.

We spent 4 days planting them into our tree lawn. One of the days my husband wasn’t available and I almost broke my arm using the drill and auger, but we got them all in.

That first year… we were so proud! I loved them! They made everyone smile when they walked by and we just loved driving up to them. We got so many compliments. The next year they grew up beautifully again, but we noticed something, people began picking them. 

At first I was ok with it, they were beautiful, but by the third year, I had become very defensive of the flowers. I planted them because I wanted to provide this crazy world with something beautiful, even if only for a short while, but I didn’t plant them for people to take. I mean I am the one that almost broke my arm planting them, and while it didn’t consume me, it did upset me that I put in so much work… only to have people just take the fruits of my labor.

A Happy Accident

lessons from the gardenWell, very recently my boys were bouncing a basketball and it fell on a couple purple tulips. They of course thought I’d be upset, not that I usually am quick to anger, but they have heard me say a few things to my husband over the last couple of years. I reassured them, put the tulips in water by a window, and went on with my day.

I really enjoyed having flowers from the garden inside and it was only then I realized that while we planted 100’s of tulips and daffodils, I had never clipped any for our family. I always wanted them to be outside for everyone to enjoy… I mean we planted them just to give people, including me, something to smile at… But seeing these beautiful flowers I realize why others want them. Should others take them… no, but is it a big deal… no!

I planted them to share and while it isn’t ideal to have them clipped and taken, it isn’t something that causes distress anymore. If a few flowers can bring happiness to others like these purple tulips did for me… then I’m glad to help. If fact, I might clip a few from the garden for myself next year because I also learned that it’s ok to step back and enjoy your own work from time to time and I’m glad the boys showed me that… even if it was an accident!

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