Learning About the Solar System

Interactive Solar System Printable

Learning about the solar systemOn a homeschool field trip, the kids and I were able to see a musical called Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System, which was a no brainer to see, because my kids love the Magic School Bus… both the older version and the new version. We had fun learning about the solar system through a musical.

I don’t know about your kiddos but my three younger kids love space. They love learning more about our solar system. We have several books and apps that have helped them learn more about the different planets and moons, but the field trip gave me an idea for a fun and interactive solar system printable.

Making The Solar System Fun

Children are inquisitive by nature, they love memory games, puzzles, and coloring! This printable hits on those ideas and is a great tool to help children learn about the planets.

Making this printable even more interactive is a coloring page for each planet, 3 sets of planets to arrange in order (including one that can be colored by your kiddos), and a planet fact sheet. Children are able to learn about the planets while arranging them in order from closest and farthest from the Sun. My kids, even knowing all they do, loved coloring the planets and rearranging them… they’ve asked if we can give them as gifts to their friends!

Using this at home

learning about the solar systemPrinting this is easy, just head over to my Etsy Shop and grab this Solar System Printable… and as a thank you for stopping by my blog… I am offering all of my readers 10% off by entering SOLARSYSTEM in the coupon section during checkout.

Once you print it out… I recommend laminating the Sun and Stars background page, the planets, and any other pages you want to last. I also recommend using velcro dots to allow the planets to be rearrangeable and more fun. There are detailed instructions included with the printable.

So… What is a Printable?

You might be thinking… great post Bettina but what is a printable? A printable is something that is made and designed by an individual, with the intention that others will print it to use. Printables usually have a cost associated with them because they are essentially custom made by someone, just as a scarf is made by someone… and let me tell you… printables aren’t as easy to make as they look! This printable took me over 15 hours to create… but don’t worry… this printable is useable right away (minus a little cutting and laminating, if you choose)

Printables are great because you are usually able to use them again and again, though not for resale… because they are someone else’s artwork and/or design, but if they get wet or lost, you can simply print another.

Most printables are lifesavers for teachers and homeschool families…  however, as more moms find printables for children, they fall in love with the ease and uniqueness of them and become repeat customers!  I sell printables that have been loved by friends of mine or my children, and I sell them on my Etsy shop A Blue Eyed Mama’s Shop and on a site called Teachers Pay Teachers. All of my sales go to help fund Our Little Corner Library!

Don’t forget your Discount Code

learning about the solar systemAs you are learning about space or as you start stargazing this summer… grab this interactive Solar System Printable… and don’t forget your 10% off coupon with the code SOLARSYSTEM, and while you’re there… check out some of my other printables!

Have a blast!

Bet + Fam 🙂

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