How to Cover Gray Roots Quickly

Sharpie to the Rescue!

About 22 years ago I began to get gray hairs at the ripe old age of 17. I basically started dying my hair and haven’t looked back. My hair always grew pretty fast, that is until my last child, who is now 8, and since him my hair has changed. It just hasn’t grown as well. I recently started taking a multivitamin that is methylated, with aloe and some other AMAZING stuff… well a side effect is that my hair has started to grow like crazy. In fact, my hair has started to grow so much that going in to the salon every 4 weeks just won’t be enough. Recently I was put in a position of needing to get into the salon but not being able to because my stylist was booked solid. I didn’t want to go to someone else, I didn’t want to hide under a hat, and I couldn’t find a root touch up system my shade of red… so I asked myself, how do I cover gray roots red?

I had heard of people using mascara for darker hair and I literally started to think what could I use to achieve red… and then genius struck… I’d try a sharpie. I had purchased a big pack of sharpies for a project a couple months ago, found the red one, and I started with a small section. I lightly started coloring over the gray, and when I saw it would work, I went on deciding where I wanted my part and then began coloring my hair.

It Worked

Once I had my part, got the gray covered, I styled as normal, and went on about my day. This is me later in the day… feeling much more confident than I would have under a hat or with the grays showing. This coverage lasted all day until I showered. Make sure to just get the hair, not the scalp, and when washing give the section that you colored a little scrub. The marker comes out easily but you don’t want any residue to lay on your skin or your scalp might get pink… just a guess, it didn’t happen to me.

Of course this isn’t meant as a long term solution to graying hair, but it will help if you need to cover gray hair quickly. Sometimes grays sneak up and if you don’t have any root color at hand or are in a hurry, turing to mascara, or in my case Sharpie, is a quick life hack. 

cover gray roots I wasn’t sure about sharing this… who wants to admit they have gray hair? But it’s little things like this that really help us busy women! 

Having my hair grow like a weed is a great problem to have. I am LOVING my new multivitamin X Factor Plus, it’s super easy to take and unlike so many others, I actually notice I am taking it.

So, what do you use when you can’t get into the salon but those pesky roots start popping up? What little trade secrets do you have? I’d love to know!

Have a beautiful day!

Bet + Fam 🙂

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