Homemade Valentines for Valentine’s Day

Cute and Perfect for All Ages!

As homeschoolers, we haven’t had the need to make valentines on a huge scale before. We’ve made a few, but we haven’t needed to make a classroom full. Last year (2017) we joined a homeschool co-op, where we meet once a week and do extra curricular classes… survival class, photography, pencil drawing class, and so on… well when February rolled around, we suddenly need to have over 50 valentines! I have nothing against store bought valentines but I wanted to make homemade valentines for Valentine’s Day, and so I tried to think of something EASY, cute, and useful… bookmarks!

So, we set out to make bookmarks for everyone in our co-op… we also made valentine card boxes too, to hold all of the valentines, as you can see below. Honestly, this whole project was EASY and the kids loved it. They were able to personalize the homemade valentines for each child, but you could just make one design for everyone, making the project even easier!

Making the Bookmarks


I just used what we had on hand…

  • Construction Paper
  • Stickers, we also cut out hearts
  • Yarn, though you could use ribbon
  • Markers or crayons
  • Glue stick
  • Hole Punch
  • scissors
  • Laminatorthis is optional


After gathering your supplies, cut or have your child cut, strips of different colored paper. Also, cut out hearts and other shapes that you want to include on the bookmarks.

Then have your child glue the hearts and attach any stickers that they may want to use. I think stickers are cool if your child is personalizing the bookmark  or if your child is apprehensive adding hearts for one of many reasons. Next punch a hole in the top. Then have your draw, color, or write on the bookmarks how they see fit. This could just say a child’s name or Happy Valentine’s Day or perhaps a quote, for older children.

Then this is the step I used a Laminator. I LOVE my laminator, it’s seen better days but I have had it forever. I actually purchased one prior to having children. Not everyone has one, but I have used it so often that having it has really come in handy. They start very reasonably at around $20 and the laminating sheets are usually found at any big box store. I would say that if you don’t have one, let this be your excuse to get one! 

Above I said that the laminator was optional, and it is, you can do this without one, but to not have the bookmarks protected… probably means that they won’t last.

I just put the bookmarks in the laminator sheets and sent them through. Then I cut them out and used the holepunch to again punch the previous holes.

Next, I helped the kids cut some yarn and showed them how to tie them through the hole, basically tying a knot. That was pretty much it!

These 4 bookmarks above are from this year… my daughter made some for me to use in this post, however, the very first picture was my table and the homemade valentines from last year. You’ll notice this year she made one for herself… she’s the best!

Great for All Ages

I like these homemade valentines because they aren’t just candy and because they can be reused. In my opinion, these are also a great idea for tweens and teens, and maybe not just for Valentine’s Day, maybe as just a special gift. These really could be special by tearing out quotes from magazines or drawing something really personal on them. Honestly, the sky is the limit.

I hope this sparks some imagination!

Bet + Fam 🙂

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