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A Museum With Many Names

I am sure most of my regular readers know that I homeschool my kids, though if you’ve just randomly found my page you wouldn’t know that, and so to you… we homeschool. Part of our homeschooling experience involves our local children’s museum, which just happens to be the world’s largest, the Indianapolis Children’s Museum… well it’s actual name is the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis… but I’ve never heard that in conversation… mainly around it here it is just known as the Children’s Museum. Anyway, the Indy Children’s Museum (a fourth title) is pretty amazing with lots of hands on exhibits, STEM classes, live action events, and more. They even have a carousel that was part of the Broad Ripple community in the 20’s (pictured here). We use the museum as part of our curriculum and sometimes go as often as once a week, though lately it’s been every other… we live an hour and 45 minutes away and on the days we don’t go we stay at home and do other STEM activities that we get from our STEM CLUB from Amazon.

This Isn’t A Full Review

We get asked a lot about our trips to the museum and I thought I would do a post about our visits. I could go on and give a full review about the museum but it would be super long, so I thought I would just talk about specific areas of the museum in separate posts. In this post I want to share a bit about the ScienceWorks exhibit, on the 4th floor.

Before I go on… I will say this though… whether you live in Indianapolis or can make a day or weekend trip there, if you have children and want to visit the Indianapolis Children’s Museum… just get a membership.

Buy a Membership

The museum has different levels but the basic membership will cost a family of 2 adults (parents or grandparents) and all children $209 a year, however, there is an individual membership for $180. The individual membership would be for a single parent and one child, or 2 adults… it basically is one adult and any guest, including a child. While writing this I checked their website and to purchase tickets for a Saturday, the price would be $28.25 for adults and $22.75 for children. The Indianapolis Children’s Museum has something called Buy Ahead and Save, meaning if you buy ahead you can save money, but the cheapest ticket I see for this month is $15.75 for adults and $12.75 for children, on a random Tuesday. If we used the cheapest price and purchased ahead, for just my 3 homeschoolers and myself, it would pay for itself less than 4 visits… for the Saturday prices it would only take 2 visits. If you add in my step daughter and my husband… it pays for itself in less than 2 or 3 visits, depending on price.

Beyond cost and saving money, a membership allows for a stress free visit! The museum is very large and is often very crowded. I visit a lot, at all times of the week and year… I see so many families stress their way through the museum because they are trying to push too much into each visit. I see kids want to explore the exhibits more, only to have their parents pull them along because they feel pressured to see it all in one day. If you know that you will come back, you can spend your time where you want and see the rest later. There are days that we only see one exhibit, we will grab a pizza and spend a couple hours in the Dinosphere or visit the STEM lab. If we feel it is too crowded, then we will leave or find an exhibit that isn’t swamped and hang out there for the rest of the time. So many parents, moms especially, seem frazzled and I really believe a lot of the stress could be eliminated with the knowledge that… they didn’t have to see it all in one visit. So, I always suggest a membership. You will save money and you’ll find your time will be a bit more enjoyable. I am not getting paid anything to say this… I’ve just been on both sides of a membership… just trust me!

More About ScienceWorks

I LOVE ScienceWorks… the kids do too. It’s on the 4th floor of the museum and has things like a water table, climbing wall and more. We usually spend some time in this exhibit every trip, even if it is just a few minutes. I utilize their STEM classes for homeschooling almost every time we come. You can look on the calendar to see what they will be ahead of time. The kids return to things but find something new each time or understand a new principle of an old idea, each time they visit. There are many little hands on things that happen there… the staff will wheel out a cart with soil samples or different bugs and talk to any child that is interested. 

To try to capture more of the ScienceWorks exhibit, we shot a couple quick videos, and put together a small virtual tour. It’s my first video of this type so forgive me… but for those that haven’t been or those that aren’t familiar with ScienceWorks… it might be helpful.

Like I said, we really enjoy ScienceWorks and would love to hear your experiences. Our next video/review will be of the Dinosphere… so stay tuned!

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Indianapolis Children's museum


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