Five Nice Mice Build a House

A Book Review By Landen

Five Nice Mice Build a HouseFive Nice Mice Build A House

Here is Landen’s review of Five Nice Mice Build a House, written by Chisato Tashiro (36 pages, 2015).

*Parent’s Note- This book is so cute! We rented it from the library and had to get a copy of our own. The mice are just adorable and they find themselves in an interesting situation. This one of now 3 books in this series, this is the second, and my kids like them all. I would put this high on a list of reads to either own or borrow from the library. Perfect for bedtime or story time and to be honest… though my kids are 10, 9, and 8… I still read to them bedtime stories a few times a week. My husband reads them bigger books like Tom Sawyer and Peter Pan, but I love these little books and I don’t really think anyone is too old for a cute book like this.

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