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Little LibraryStarting on the Little Library

We’ve (and by we’ve… I mean mainly my big, strapping, handsome hubby) begun building our Little Library and are excited to get it up. We have most of it together now and are waiting on Plexiglas. 

We haven’t had much luck with our Pool, through PayPal (a page people can donate)…  we understand that the premise is to have books be traded through the library and that having all new books isn’t necessary… BUT we do want to make sure that kids (and adults) are able to get their hands on new reading materials from time to time. That is the purpose of the GoFundMe… having said that… we did have a neighbor give some books for the library, which I put with the rest until we open it up!

We plan to have the library plans available, once we get it all done, so others can join in the fun! We will keep updating when we can but if you missed our first library post click here

If you’d like to help you can visit our Pool (via PayPal) or you can visit my Etsy store… where all proceeds will go to the little library!

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