Cheese Belongs to you Book Review

A Book Review by Emmy

cheese belongs to youCheese Belongs to you

Here is Emmy’s book review of the book Cheese Belongs to You written by Alexis Deacon (32 pages 2013)

*Parent’s Note- I hate rats… like seriously! I am not an “EEEK, there’s a mouse” type of girl… I just simply hate rats. I have a reason but I won’t share it here. Having said that I still read this book because well, it’s just a book. The story in my opinion isn’t the best story as it promotes the biggest and dirtiest gets the cheese (though some say it’s a dog eat dog world or in this case rat eat rat world), but it has wonderful illustrations and it made my sweet daughter laugh. So, though this isn’t something I rushed out to buy… Cheese Belongs to You is a story that kids will get a laugh at.

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