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Old Books Became Inspiration

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While weeding through some of the kids books, we realized that some of them were in great shape. We just aren’t the kind of people to do a yard sale… don’t get me wrong… we love going to them, we just aren’t going to have one in the near future. When we want something gone, we want it gone, so we either find a home for it or we take it to a second hand store.

With a box full of mostly great books, we sat there for a minute trying to figure out what to do with them. My kids had outgrown them, most of their friends at the time were their age and older, and so we had no one to give these books to. I was contemplating posting them “FREE” on Facebook, when one of the kids said, “It’s too bad we can’t trade these with other people for their old books”. Well that got me thinking…

I thought maybe we could organize a neighborhood book swap, I know that people do this with all sorts of children’s items… toys, clothes, and so on… so I did a bit of searching and that is when I came across the concept of the Little Library!

If you’re not familiar with a Little Library, it’s a box that offers books to be borrowed and returned or kept with a donation of another book. These Little Libraries are usually on someone’s private property and are sometimes a lifeline to children who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get to an actual library. I was excited about the idea of being able to provide something of value to our neighborhood and thought it would be fun to do as a family. We asked the kids what they thought… they loved the idea, and so we started planning.

little libraryOur Little Library –  Our Little Corner Library

We live on corner lot and thought it would be nice to give people a place to sit while reading. We built a little area with landscaping boarders and rocks where we plan on putting a bench and our Little Corner Library. The bench and library is in the planning stages now, with hopes to have them done before Autumn. Of course, we still have that box of books and have added to it, but our goal is to provide new books as well. That is why we have started a Pool Page on PayPal and you can visit that here.

I also have started an Etsy Shop, A Blue Eyed Mama’s Shop, selling printables. All sales go to fund our library too!

We will make sure to share our plans and pics as we get our Little Corner Library finished! For more information on Little Libraries, check out Little Free Library.

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  1. Candy Keane says:

    Love the Little Libraries! Did you get it started?

    1. We did and I am working on an update! Stay tuned!

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