Looking at Lincoln Book Review

A Book Review by Landen

looking at lincoln book review

This is Landen’s book review on the book Looking at Lincoln by Maira Kalman (32 pages, 2012 and 48 pages 2017)

*Parent’s note- I bought this book as a quick introduction to Abraham Lincoln in regards to him being considered an honest person. At the time we were looking at the character quality of honesty and truthfulness… and to be honest, reading over this book the first time, I was underwhelmed, however, my kids, especially Landen, enjoyed it quite a bit. They read it several times, taking it with them to read before bed, Landen asked to keep it in his room, and even at over a year later, the kids still pick it up often. After reading it several times myself, I would say it is a great introduction book and highlights some interesting facts about Lincoln that kids seem to enjoy.


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