Dinosaurs Before Dark Book Review

A Book Review by Elijah

dinosaurs before dark book review This is Elijah’s book review of the book Dinosaurs Before Dark by Mary Pope Osborne (80 pages, 1992)

71Odc7fiUTL*Parent’s Note – This is the first book in the series The Magic Tree House and I thought it was a great book for Elijah, in fact Emmy is reading it now. I really appreciated the sister book Dinosaurs even more, as it was quite informative, but in a captivating way and there are several facts, pictures and interesting things along the way. I actually learned a few things from this book myself and Elijah really liked it too. We plan to continue with The Magic Tree House series in the future!

615oKOjzpCLAs and extension to this book, we also picked up Dinosaur! which is not related to the series but was a great follow up book for Elijah’s new budding interest in dinosaurs! This book is a book that will interest the kids for years to come!

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