Three Hens and a Peacock Book Review

A Book Review by Elijah

Three hens and a peacock book reviewThis is Elijah’s book review of the book Three Hens and a Peacock by Lester Laminack (32 pages, 2014)

*Parents note – Three Hens and a Peacock is another one of my favorites and was one that Elijah asked to have checked out multiple times, so it was purchased. After better than a year, it is still a book he keeps close to him in his room and is a favorite among the other 2 as well. While I wouldn’t say that this book is trying hard at an underline message, I would say that it does hit on a few. Everyone is good at something and I think that this book touches on that a bit, showcasing that we all have our own talents and that we are all special in that way.

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