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Making Earth’s Layers

making earth's layersFor homeschool recently we have been learning about the Earth’s layers and I thought it would be fun to do some hands on learning along with the reading, so we made mini Earths out of homemade dough.

This is a fun project that really doesn’t take long and is perfect for little hands.

Easy Dough Recipe

To make the dough you will need 2 cups of all purpose flour, 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of water and food coloring in blue, green, red and yellow. Mix the flour, salt and water until you get a dough consistency and then separate into 4 separate pieces. Once that is done, put a piece of dough back into the mixer and mix each piece with one of the above colors, putting enough food coloring in until you get a color that you like, giving you blue, green, red and yellow dough.

Assemble Earth

earthAfter each piece is mixed you can begin assembling. I didn’t do very well with the pictures (as there are none of the assembly, lol) but basically roll a small red ball to make up the core, carefully apply the yellow layer to act as the mantle and for the crust, apply various pieces of blue and green to make the land and ocean. Once finished allow it to dry, which might take several days (this could be baked at 200 degrees for a few hours but the chances of it cracking are a lot higher).

We only did half of the planet to be able to see the inside once it had dried, though it might be fun to do the whole planet and then cut it in half, before drying of course.

On hand we had a book called Earth in 30 Seconds, it has 30 different things to learn about Earth and the lessons can be quick or you can put your spin on them like we did here. 

This project was simple and fun. The kids had a blast making Earth, and while store bought dough could be used, they had fun making the homemade version as well.

We still have these on our science shelf and the kids still refer to them. I love doing these little projects and I hope your kids will find it interesting as well.

Bet + Fam 🙂

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