Ivan the Terrier Book Review

A Book Review by Elijah

Ivan the terrier This is Elijah’s (word by word) book review of the book Ivan the Terrier by Peter Catalanotto (32 pages, 2007) 

“I like this book because every time they try to tell a story this dog keeps coming and going ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff (laughs).

I also like this book because after the 3 pigs and the big bad wolf, an old lady baked the gingerbread boy for her husband and then Ivan scared the pants off the cat (All the kids are laughing).

He eats the gingerbread boy and the cat goes MEOW! Then at the end, after all of that, he just lays down.

I think this bchildren's booksook is funny and good for bedtime, all kids should like it especially if their moms read it like you do (awww).”

*Parents note- Ivan the Terrier is one of my favorite kids books, it is simple but super funny and Elijah is right, this book is made great by how the reader reads the story. We checked this out from the library twice and it had to be purchased because Elijah continued asking for it. After 2 years it is still a favorite in our home.

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  1. Patricia Walker says:

    Elijah, your review was very informative. I shall suggest it to my grandkids who are 10 & 8. I’m sure they will love it as you do!

    It’s very nice to hear that you love the way your mom reads the book to you. I’m sure it made her heart very happy when you said it.

    Great job on the review!

    1. Thank you Patricia for saying that and I hope your grand kids like it, so bye!
      (typed by mom)

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