Beware of The Storybook Wolves Book Review

A Book Review By Landen

book review of Beware of The Storybook WolvesThis is Landen’s (word by word) book review of the book Beware of The Storybook Wolves by Lauren Child (32 pages, 2001). 

“I like the book because the characters come out, especially the Fairy Godmother because she says she wants to turn the little boy into a caterpillar and the wolf in the dress is SO funny.

The funniest part is this part at the end, with the caterpillar trying to scare the little girl.

I think Derrick, Cain, Marshall, Alexa, Abby (some of his friends) would like this book, teenagers too because it’s just a good book. I like the pictures too.”

*Parents note – I thought Beware of The Storybook Wolves was cute, I love when different stories or plots are brought together and this book brings Cinderella, Little Red Riding hood, The 3 Little Pigs and Hansel and Gretel together. The book itself, is hard to read because there are so many fonts, that even my older 2 who should be able to read it…couldn’t and I had a few stumbles too, but Landen asked me to read it to him 3 times in one day and has asked to buy it.

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  1. Patricia Walker says:

    Landen, I’m so happy you informed us the book was funny. The cover looks very scary.

    I think my grand daughter who is 10 would love this one as it has so many characters in it. She is our reader, she loves books so very much!

    Your review was awesome!

    1. Thank you for saying that. I hope that she will like it. I think she will think it is a good book. Goodbye, have a good day.
      (typed by mom)

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