Easter Cupcakes

chocolate covered strawberriesCute and Festive Cupcakes

These cupcakes were a hit but I will go on the record and say that I am not a fabulous baker, I would like to be, but I am not. I can follow a recipe but I can’t just “Martha Stewart” some awesome tart with folded in blood oranges. Cakes frighten me because I haven’t mastered the “how to’s” of icing and it looks more like a blob. Not to mention that my family and I try not to eat too much sugar, though we love making special occasions more fun with a tasty treat. My step-daughter has started becoming interested in baking cakes, so this Christmas I bought her some cake “bibles” and we are going to learn together, until then though, cupcakes are my comfort level!

thanksgiving cupcakesFor Thanksgiving one year, I stayed up all night making the cupcakes to the right, for a dinner we were attending. I really wanted them to be special and make people smile, which they were and they did, but I literally stayed up all night making them. I loved how they turned out but I was tired and vowed to try and make things a bit easier on myself during holiday time.

While searching Pinterest, I found a pin of a 9×13 pan of “dirt cake” with icing “carrots” which inspired me to make dirt cupcakes with carrot toppers, but instead of icing carrots I used strawberries. They were really easy, I made them over the course of 2 days, so there was no rush and I even used a boxed mix and commercial frosting, really saving time.

Getting Started

To make these cute carrot cupcakes you will need, 1 box of chocolate cake mix (makes 24 cupcakes), chocolate frosting, 24+ strawberries, 1 package of Wilton orange candy melts, a package of Oreos or Oreo type cookies, wax or parchment paper and cupcake liners (use aluminum liners as the chocolate will stain or show through any of the cute paper liners and not give you the look that you want).

After I put the kids to bed on Friday night, my husband and I made the strawberries.

Step One

First, wash and inspect your strawberries and allow to dry. While they are drying melt the entire package of candy melts per instructions on the bag. Next, dip your strawberries and allow to cool on either wax or parchment paper. I drizzled a little of the melted candy over each so it gave the carrots a bit of texture.

Here is where the + comes into play with the strawberries, as I found my husband just loving these and I needed more strawberries for my cupcakes!

Lastly, I put them in the fridge and we watched a movie and went to bed.

Step Two

On Saturday morning I made the cupcakes per the box instructions, with the kids helping with the pouring and mixing. After they were done, we allowed them to cool most of the afternoon.

Later that evening we iced them, however, first I cut a small hole out of the center for each carrot to sit. I also used a food processor to grind up the cookies (remember to remove the filling and I only used about 10 cookies). After icing, dip into the Oreo dirt!

I then pulled out the strawberry carrots from the refrigerator and gently pushed them into the hole of the cupcake… and violá!

easter egg coloring pageMy kids liked these but my husband loved them, and honestly, though I made them for Easter, they’d be great for lots of occasions… spring or a Peter the Rabbit themed birthday party.

For more Easter ideas, click here and for some fun coloring pages (like the examples here) or other holiday printables, click here!

Happy baking!

Bet + fam 🙂

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