Catch a Leprechaun

Leprechaun trapMaking a Leprechaun Trap

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, my kids wanted to catch a Leprechaun, with a Leprechaun trap. They devised a plan that involved a trap and gold. I had them color regular printer paper with St. Patrick’s day themes, including “Free Gold” and we taped them onto a box. Then, my son grabbed a wooden spoon, placed somegold under the box, anything sparkly will do and I sent them off to bed.

The next morning we found the trap had been sprung but alas, no Leprechaun, however, he did leave a chocolate gold coin for each child (in the trap) and a letter.

We also found a few tricks had been played on us!

leprechaun trapWe then enjoyed our favorite St. Patty’s Day breakfast, left by the Leprechaun, Lucky Charms. So, though the Leprechaun trap didn’t catch him this year, the kids really enjoyed trying!

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May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Bet + fam 🙂

Update below
*Update 8/1/18- This post was posted over 3 years ago and a lot has changed! I loved doing this with my children, and the kids still have the trap. We used clear packing tape to cover the trap to protect it from year to year… it has become a decoration of sorts during the holiday. Today I am updating my website and realize that since doing this post, I have told my kids that things like Santa and Leprechauns aren’t “real”. Well… I told them about Santa, see that post here, and that caused them realize the truth about other things… reading this post made me reflect, and I questioned if I regret taking that magic away from them…

I would say that the answer to that is no, even though I miss these times with them, we still do St. Patrick’s Day crafts, watch Santa movies at Christmas, and make Groundhog Grub for Groundhog Day.  I don’t regret trying to catch a Leprechaun because we had fun doing it, however, there came a time when my kids were putting their love and attention into things that weren’t real (mainly Santa), which ate at my conscience, and so I corrected that. In my Santa post, I did my best to do that in the most loving way possible, and today they still want to play jokes with each other on St. Patrick’s day and have fun… even though they know Leprechauns aren’t “real”. 

I think how parents handle magical issues is completely up to them. We exist on a ball that floats in space… that is magical… and whether you believe in God or not… there is magic everywhere, even in the bible. Moses parted the Red Sea… that power came from God but it is by all accounts a miracle and magical. So though I have grown as a mom… I am not sorry for having these special moments with them and am glad we still do some things just for the FUN of it!

Bet 🙂

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