Making Jello Eggs

Bringing Some Color to the Table!

When I was younger my grandmother made eggs in Jello molds for Easter, they were cute and yummy and I thought why not give them a try. I didn’t think making Jello eggs would terribly hard and so I set out to try.

What You’ll Need

jello eggsIt is important to say that you need to start with a specified egg mold or, as I used, a plastic egg (I used jumbo) without holes in them. Those might be hard to find but without them obviously the jello mixture will run right out of the eggs.

Other things you will need are the colors of jello wanted, a mixing bowl, spoon, measuring cup and medicine syringe. If you are using a plastic egg you will need to drill a hole at the top of the egg using a drill and bit. This is NOT hard, just make sure to use a bit roughly the same size as the syringe. Wash your eggs and allow to dry, then grease lightly.

Making the Eggs

IMG_3777Next mix the jello using the quick set recipe and slowly use the syringe to put the jello in the closed egg. Once you have filled to the top, I wrapped a piece of tape around the middle to ensure no leakage because a few tried to leak a little, and then placed them into the refrigerator. After a couple hours they should be set.

Don’t expect to pull them out and serve right away, they will need a little time to be worked with so give yourself a few minutes. I would pull them out 15-20 minutes before you wanted to serve. Remove the tape, give a little shake and gently crack the center of the egg until it opens. Slowly pull of the top half of plastic and gently place egg on a plate.

Angeled eggsIf you find that they are not coming out well, close the egg and run under warm water for a minute and try again.

I didn’t love the lines on the eggs, molds would be better, so I decided to cut them in half, put a little whipped cream on the center and turned them into what I now call Angeled eggs. Needless to say, my kids loved them and they were pretty easy to make. Imagine bringing both the Angeled eggs and the Festive Deviled Eggs to a gathering at Easter, they’d be a hit!

I Had Some Extra Jello…

My hubby bought me 2 boxes of each color because I forgot to specify exactly how much I would need for the above eggs, and so I thought about trying to layer the jello into the eggs. Maybe you’ve seen this done in mason jars on Pinterest for a rainbow effect. So, I decided to try these with the eggs but I also used a layer of jello mixed with whipped cream, like I had seen done before on a much bigger jello mold.

Rainbow eggs Here is what you will need…

Jumbo plastic eggs, I made 12 with a little left over, 6  boxes of Jello (3 oz. and in rainbow colors), a tub of whipped topping (like cool whip), 2 microwave safe bowls, measuring cup, medicine syringe and water.

Just like above you will to use eggs that have no holes in the bottom and a hole either big enough for the syringe or use a drill to make one and make sure to wash the eggs. After the eggs are dry grease them, I used coconut oil.


IMG_3732In both of your microwave safe bowls pour a 1/2 cup of water, microwave each for about 1 1/2-2 minutes, separately. Carefully remove each bowl and stir in half of a 3 oz. jello packet into each bowl until dissolved. In one of your bowls add 1/3 cup of whipped topping, stirring until mixed thoroughly.

IMG_3733Next I took my syringe and measured out 10 ml from the portion mixed with the whipped topping and pushed it into my eggs. I put the non-whipped cream jello mixture into microwave (just to sit out of the way) and put the eggs into the fridge. After about 30 minutes they were set, maybe 45 at the most and I repeated the process with the natural non-whipped topping portion jello mixture and placed the eggs into the fridge. I cleaned up my mess and repeated the process 5 more times with the other colors.

IMG_3750I actually got done late and let the last layer sit overnight, so they were super set. Like the eggs above, I was very careful to remove the “mold” and had to run them under warm water, however, I still managed to only get 6 out of 12 to stay together, some turned out like the picture to the here. They just seperated!

IMG_3745I thought they were awesome and my kids did too, except, even the ones that stayed together long enough for the picture, started to fall apart before much eating started. This could not be plated at a gathering for long times, perhaps they could be plated, put in the fridge, and given at the desired time… but given the time taken, I don’t think I will make them again.

While the above “Angeled Eggs” were amazing and I would make them again… I don’t think I would do the rainbow eggs again. It was worth the try though and maybe you might have more luck!

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Happy Easter,
:) Bet + fam

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