A Groundhog Day Craft for Kids

Who Says Groundhog Day Can’t Be Fun?

groundhog craftsGroundhogs are the only animals that have their own holiday here in the US, so whether it is Groundhog Day or a unit studying them or just because, they deserve a little wink and a nod. Here is a Groundhog Day craft for kids!

I think the little guys are adorable and this past Groundhog Day, the kids and I made a craft to celebrate. Maybe your kids will find this fun too!

make a groundhogWhat you will need…

The small groundhog printable (this will download to your device) here, scissors, toilet paper tubes, crayons, Popsicle sticks, glue stick, stapler and either extra printer paper or green construction paper.

Getting Started

It’s up to you whether you want your little ones to cut the groundhogs out or not but once they are cut, have your kiddos color them.

IMG_4700Next, have them glue the groundhog on the Popsicle stick and set aside.

Cut a strip of paper and allow your little ones to color it green or you could use green construction paper, we didn’t have any at the time but it still turned out fine.

groundhog day craftsOnce you have your “green” paper, measure around the toilet paper tube to ensure right size and cut appropriately, then help your little ones glue it around the tube like so.

As you can see, one of our groundhogs is blue because according to Landen, “The blue one is the boss”, so there you have it!

Next, slide your groundhog into the tube and staple on either side of the sick. This ensures that they don’t just fall out.

IMG_4703 Now the little guys can play peek-a-boo and pop in and out to predict whether spring is coming early or not.

For more Groundhog Day ideas, including printables and a Groundhog Day treat, click here and for more fun facts about the holiday go here.

Have a great time making these guys!

Bet + Fam 🙂

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