Easter Treats and Sweets

Cute Treats for Easter

I don’t know if it is that as Easter comes, so does Spring, but I find myself in a frenzy of crafts and recipes at Easter time, more so than even Christmas. I wanted to make some Easter treats and found myself with these hits!

Chocolate Nests


These are so good, like so good, and very rich, so one of these is a delicious treat. My family loved them, even my husband, and they are very simple to make.

What you will need… 1 package of dark chocolate chips (you could use milk but we love dark chocolate), 2 cups of sweetened and shredded coconut, and whoppers or candied robin’s eggs.

Directionseaster nests

In a saucepan melt the chocolate on low stirring often, though low it can burn so watch closely. Once melted stir in the coconut, mix and take off heat. On a piece of wax paper, spoon balls of the mixture onto the paper, use the spoon to make indentations in the center of the nests, add the candies and allow to cool. The chocolate will harden. I was able to make 9.

These couldn’t be easier or cuter and you could even add some peeps for more added fun. I ended up making this 3 times over the week before and after Easter, my family really enjoyed them and isn’t dark chocolate healthy, making this health food?

rice krispie eggsPeeps Cereal Eggs

Using Peeps as both the color and the marshmallow for these eggs was fun for the kids, they liked watching them melt and shaping the treats into eggs spruces up the traditional cereal bar idea.


IMG_3754What you will need… 2 cups of rice cereal, 5 peeps in your desired color, 2 Tbsp of butter or coconut oil,  jumbo plastic eggs (remember to wash and dry them) and extra coconut oil (or some other grease or non-stick spray).


IMG_3759In a pan, on low-medium, add your butter or oil and allow to melt then adding the peeps. Stirring is a must but a note here, the more you stir, the more the color fades, so be careful. Once the peeps are showing signs of melting slowly stir in the cereal and take off of the heat.

And yes the above peeps are purple while this mixture is blue, your eyes aren’t deceiving you… sometimes I forget to take pictures!

IMG_3760Grease your plastic eggs and press mixture into them, closing an allowing to cool. I put mine in the fridge for a bit. Once cooled, carefully open and viola!

After doing blue, green, pink, yellow and purple, I would say purple faded the most, however, they were fit for any Easter table and fun for the little ones!

End Treats!

IMG_3773These treats would be awesome at a Easter brunch or alone as a treat. I hope you have fun making them with your family and for more Easter ideas, click here.

Happy Easter,

Bet + fam 🙂

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