Stressed Moms, You’re OK

Time is Precious

I wake up, late, to a sink full of dishes, laundry in the washer, dryer, and on the kitchen table… and as I look around, I see a few (a colony of) dust bunnies poking their heads out at me. My kids are in mismatched pajamas, refusing their breakfast, while running up and down the stairs because they think having the dogs chase them is hilarious. My husband hasn’t been home in 2 days because of his job and our home is in the middle of remodeling so we work and live around materials and tools. I have a full day ahead of me, working out, home school, extra curricular activities, chores and honestly, I already know that there won’t be enough time for it all… I am one in a million stressed moms.

There was a day, not that long ago, where I would have been panicking at this point, so early in my day,

Magazines, commercials, and judgmental people tell us, intentionally or not, that our houses should be cleaner, our menus planned in advance, with children that appear to be fresh from finishing school, and that both us and our kids should look like GAP models. We wonder why we are all stressed moms, yet it is not anyone’s fault but our own, that we gravitate to these unrealistic ideals. Why do we measure situations, judge others, and stress ourselves, over fairy tales?

One day, I realized that it is ok to leave dishes in the sink if it means more cuddles, that a mess is ok as long as memories are being made, and it was that day that I learned how to be the kind of mom my kids really needed. They needed me happy, they needed me to be present, and they needed me to see the magic of being a child.

While I am not encouraging you to throw all structure and organization out the window, I am challenging you to trade something for more time with your children. Curl up with them for an extra hour, reading or coloring, get to know them at their level and just love them as they are. Children grow so fast, don’t let the mundanes of today steal the precious time and memories from tomorrow.

🙂 Bet + Fam

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