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Valentine’s Day is coming up and maybe you are still looking for something small but meaningful, to do with your little ones. Over the years I have done different things but when I can, I like to use their hand and foot prints to commemorate the occasion. It might seem redundant now, but some day when their hands are as big as ours, we will be glad we took the time!

Here are 2 quick Valentine’s Day ideas, with fingers and toes!


This little blue Valentine was done when my youngest was just 1, he will be 5 this year, wow! Anyway, I actually just used printer paper for this. With my hubby’s help, I painted his feet, one by one, and placed it on the paper. I use the same color to draw a heart, cut it and once it was dried I lamented it. I also did one for my other children using 1 hand print and 1 foot print. This project really couldn’t be any simpler and would be a great gift for the grandparents.


loveThis project was done on canvas and is a little bigger. I wanted something for the whole family, so I talked my husband into putting his hand print on the canvas first, allowed it to dry, then did mine and kept going. We did darkest colors to lighter colors and made a little effort to make sure that some of everyone’s hand was visible.

hand print loveHere is a close up of the hand prints. After it was all done, I took a permanent marker and wrote, L v e, using our hands as the o in love.

Honestly, this could be done on printer paper and though smaller, it could work… or the word love could be written over the hands, so if you don’t have canvas, don’t worry, though they are cheap with the help of Amazon could be at your door in a day, see some canvas choices here.

Anyway, I hope that you can use one of these for Valentine’s Day. If you have little ones a bit older and are looking for a craft for them, click the picture to the left. My kids made bookmark valentines and they turned out super cute… AND if you are looking for some last minute Valentine’s Day food ideas for the family, check out this post here.

Have a sweet day!

🙂 Bet and fam

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