Groundhog Day For Kids

Happy Groundhog Day

Every year people mention how stupid Groundhog Day is, but I personally like it. Groundhog Day may seem like a crazy holiday to celebrate and trust me we don’t go crazy, I mean it is a day about a rodent predicting the weather, but I like to have fun with my family and any time I can squeeze a little of that in, I try.

A Reason to Celebrate

I think groundhogs are cute and there is something about the ritual, the hoping that spring will come quicker. It is a little “holiday” that can be celebrated and that can brighten a grey winter day, without the isles of Walmart being filled with junk for it, unlike almost every other holiday. It is OK to take something silly and have fun just for fun’s sake.

Not to mention, that my husband and I always watch Groundhog Day, one of our favorites, because who doesn’t like Bill Murray or a movie about a senseless jerk who finds his way, and it’s funny. So, to you naysayers, try having a little fun, for the fun of it and I hope that some of what we do, again nothing elaborate, will inspire you! Here is a little Groundhog Day for kids!

A Grubby Snack

groundhog's dayThe kids and I usually make, Groundhog Grub, basically a no-bake cookie that we have added a gummy worm to, as groundhogs forage the dirt for grubs, the kids love helping in the kitchen and no-bake cookies are my husbands favorite, this is a win all around. (recipe is part of my groundhog day pack below)

A Fun Story

Grumpy GroundhogMy kids really like the book Grumpy Groundhog, so we read that every year, in fact it is a book that sits out all year and while not a timeless piece of literature, it is quite cute. Below is a video of me reading it with my kiddos!

For a list of 9 Groundhog Day facts, click here.

More Groundhog Fun

In the day of the internet, my kids want to see videos of whatever subject we are discussing, so I usually turn to YouTube to find something. This video is a quick little intro to groundhogs, at only a couple minutes, and it has a bit about the holiday too.

groundhog day activities

etsy printable

Printables are always fun everyone, even adults can get into coloring. Instant downloads or printables an easy way to add some extra fun and into the day. The pack above includes a word search, craft, lesson, Groundhog Grub recipe, and more!

After we have colored our groundhogs and made our predictions, we head over to to view the video of Phil and his weather predictions. 

Movie Time

As I mentioned above, the one thing that my husband and I do without fail, and maybe the kids will too as they get older, is watch the movie Groundhog Day, which on any day is an awesome movie, but this day gives us an excuse to sit and watch it, of course enjoying some Groundhog Grub, we managed to hide from the kiddos!

And that’s that! I hope you have an awesome Groundhog Day and here is hoping for an early Spring!

BEM + Fam 🙂

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