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Treat Perfect for Fall… or anytime!

halloween treatsWell, for better or for worse, Fall is here. I personally love this time of year and I think it’s because I missed out on it growing up in Florida, where you have summer, hurricane season, and the 3 weeks that it’s too cold to wear shorts, but I do love Fall. With its crisp air, the color changes on the tree, the apple cider… there is really so much to love! Time for some fall goodies!

To get us in the festive mood, I made a treat for the family, a Festive Fall Bark, which would make a perfect Halloween snack. It is very easy, rich, and sure to be a hit… plus, the kiddos can help too! There is also a printable recipe below!

What you’ll need

halloween snackHere is what you will need for this Halloween snack. I am not one to have Oreo’s on hand, my kids rarely eat them unless we are at a friend’s home and if I do buy cookies it is a brand like Newman’s Own, which are organic and are delicious.

Oreo’s are full of things I try to omit from our diet (most of the time), the same could be said with all of the other ingredients shown here, but when you don’t plan on making something until last minute, this is what you get, lol!

At the end of the day sugar isn’t great for you… I’d rather put organic sugar in my body and leave out other chemicals, but moderation is the key, and if a couple times a month you enjoy a less than perfect treat, life will go on!

About White Chocolate

I will say something about white chocolate though, most of it isn’t real white chocolate, and it’s not really chocolate at all. Real white chocolate contains cocoa butter, the fat portion of the chocolate bean, but not the cacao nibs. Most white chocolate today has zero cocoa butter but instead uses other fats, and real white chocolate is actually supposed to be pale yellow, never bright white.

However, the better quality “fake” white chocolates often score equally to their real counterparts and sometimes actually melt better. Authentic white chocolate can be finicky. When making this particular Fall Bark, I bought the best white chocolate at the store (they didn’t have much), it was Nestle and fake, but if you plan ahead you can buy good white chocolate that is authentic.

Check here for a better selection of white chocolates.

Find organic candy corn here.

Now to the good part…

I made my bark in a glass pie dish, it made thicker bark. If you wanted thinner park I would use a thinner cookie sheet, either way before doing anything, line your dish or sheet with wax paper and then coat lightly with butter or coconut oil. After the chocolate is melted you don’t have all of the time in the world, especially if using white chocolate, so it best to have your dish ready, prior to beginning.

I used white chocolate, but regular or dark chocolate would work as well. I liked the white to showcase the colors better but darker chocolate would do the same with other candies, it is really a personal preference. The white chocolate does NOT melt well on the stove top. Melt according to instructions in the microwave.

Getting Started

I melted the chocolate in 2 batches. The first I poured into the pie dish. I then added some broken up Oreo cookies, candy corn and pretzels by gently pushing them into the chocolate.

I then melted the second batch of chocolate and poured over the the mixture in the dish. Unlike milk or dark chocolate, you might find the white chocolate needs a little spreading, but it will cover with a little help. Then I again pushed in some more of the ingredients, making sure some were showing, that is what adds the visual interest. I then added some Halloween sprinkles to the top and put the dish into the refrigerator overnight.

The Yummy Product

Fall Bark 3Pull out of the refrigerator and it should easily come out of the dish, as well as the wax paper should just pull off of the bark.

I then cut up the bark into rough pieces or a thinner bark could be broken into pieces.

This Halloween snack is a delicious and visually interesting treat for all, perfect for Halloween, Harvest and Thanksgiving seasons!

I hope this little treat brings you, your loved ones and kiddos joy!

🙂 BEM and Fam

Festive Fall Bark

Fun treat, easy to make, and can be adapted to any holiday or time of the year.

Course Dessert
Keyword Halloween, sweets


  • Oreo or Oreo Cookies I used a handful but you can use as many as you like
  • 10-12 oz White Chocolate A regular package of white chocolate should be enough, the size varies between companies. Here I used a pie dish, but if using a cookie sheet, you might need additional chocolate.
  • Candy Candy Corn for fall (but could be candy canes for Christmas)
  • Pretzels Or other things that you'd like to include
  • Sprinkles In desired color


  1. Prep your pan. If using a cookie sheet or a pie pan, add wax or parchment paper to the pan you will be using, and lightly butter or grease the paper... lightly.

  2. Melt half the chocolate according to directions.

  3. Add half of the cookies, pretzels, candy... or whatever you have. Just push them into the chocolate here and there.

  4. Melt the other half of the chocolate according to the directions. Then pour over the previous melted chocolate and goodies mixture. White chocolate might need some help spreading.

  5. Then push the rest of the ingredients into the mixture, this is the top so you can make it patterned or just push them in. Add the sprinkles to the top.

  6. Allow to cool, put in the refrigerator if you'd like. Pull out, cut up or break apart and enjoy!

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