Upgrade Your Freezer Meals

Make Planning Easier

Do you pre-plan and freeze meals? Do you have 20 odd freezer bags with your delicious freezer meals all forming a blob in your freezer?

Many moms are finding that taking a day a month and prepping meals, then freezing them, is coming in handy. I see many posts and pins with this idea, so I tried it and while reaching in and having a meal all ready to go was nice, the process needed a little upgrade. I hated how they didn’t stack and all froze together.

I had many bags get holes, without my knowledge a pork chop would poke a little hole in the bag after being placed in the freezer, and though it would freeze fast enough not to really matter and freeze with the bone in the hole, while defrosting in the sink the bone would move and I would lose half my sauce.

I also found that the bags allowed sauce and spices, no matter how much I shook or scraped, to get stuck in corners, thus wasting a lot of flavor and a little money.

Lastly I didn’t like using plastic bags and throwing them away and because of some of the holes, I couldn’t reuse them, so I decided to invest in reusable containers.

What I Did to Update My Meal Prep

I bought a pack of 3 Glad Family Size, to try them out, and loved them. If a meal is less liquid oriented, I freeze the meat and spices/sauces separately, either in small plastic bags or mason jars.

freezer mealsThis is my pulled pork, that doesn’t usually fit into a bag anyway, but also doesn’t require any sauce or liquid, just onions. I froze onions separately because they are supposed to coat the bottom of the crockpot prior to the meat being added and easily come from the bag, meaning the bag can be reused.

Now with my stove top enchiladas (not pictured), which is not a crockpot recipe but I still plan ahead for non-crockpot recipes. Anyway, I freeze the onions, sauce and spices in a Mason jar, which I place inside the Glad container with the meat, and when it all defrosts, I can easily take a spoon and scrape the sauce and spices from the mason jar, leaving little or nothing to waste.

A recipe like meat stew which is a liquid heavy recipe, I put everything in the container, freeze it together and after defrosting, just pour in the crockpot or other bakeware.

These containers stack well, I don’t have a giant blob monster in my freezer now, and as for labeling, I just write what it is and how long it needs to cook on painters tape and throw it in the freezer. Needing about 20 of these, I had to invest less than $40, but that was a one time investment, I can feel good about reusing them and not wasting money on lots of Ziploc bags, not to mention adding them to landfills (and if that is a concern buy glass containers or biodegradable zipper bags).

I would recommend these little tips to anyone who pre-plans meals and freezes them and I love the Glad containers, they have made my life much easier and I hope they do yours too!

🙂 BEM and Fam

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