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I was raised by my grandmother and great-grandmother, though my mother lived with us, she didn’t do much of the raising. She was 18 when I was born and for all practical purposes we were more like sisters, than mother and daughter, but I was very close to my grandparents, who in my opinion were everyday superheroes.

Anyway, I remember how I would sit and listen to my great-grandma and grandma talk about how things use to be. How people took such pride in what they did, how everyone realized that no matter the job, it took everyone to make the country what it was and the community what it was, from gas station attendant to doctor and everything in between, and because of that understanding there was a respect for everyone, from everyone. Today sadly, that is not the case.

TV Turned Inspirational

superheroesWe are doing some major home remodeling and I hate to admit it, but the kids have been watching much more TV then I would like, granted it is Disney Jr and other shows like Caillou and Max and Ruby, and they still play, but TV is still not what I want my child doing for any length of time, however, being practical, I can’t paint and go for a walk with them, so when I am working on the house, TV is watched more than I like.

Yesterday, they asked me to take a break and watch a show with them, so I did. Watching Disney Jr, Higglytown Heroes was on. At first glance this show seems incredibly stupid, the characters have no hands, they are more toy then people, but the more I watched it, the more I loved it.

Here’s the Scoop

The cast is usually trying to accomplish something, like going on picnic or having a car wash, and a problem always arises, but the problems can always be solved by a member of the community and that person becomes a hero. Yesterday, one of the characters locked the keys in the car and they couldn’t get somewhere very important, so they called a locksmith, who at the time was their hero. The song they sing about each “hero” is incredibly cute and I love the fact that it is promoting community and showing that no matter what someone does, they are important and can be a hero, maybe even super heroes. This is how things use to be.

My husband works for a railroad company, and I know he worries what his kids will think of him when they are older. Though he makes a great living, he knows that a railroad worker doesn’t have the ring of doctor or civil engineer, which is what he attended school for, but thanks to many nights at the bar, didn’t finish his degree in.

I have explained to my kids how almost everything moves by rail and without daddy and people like him, who install and fix the tracks, trains couldn’t move, stuff wouldn’t be at the store as quickly, almost everything would be more expensive and the country wouldn’t be able to buy and sell things like they do now, not to mention that they help keep communities safe by keeping flashers and railroad crossings up to date and working. My kids think their dad is a hero, but then again, my kids think what everyone does is awesome because we, as parents, hold value in what everyone does, and I wish this was the norm now.

Giving Value to the Community

superheroesI think that Higglytown Heroes, with guidance by parents, would be a great start showing kids the value of their community and what each person does in that community. I also think that it is a good place for the parents of today to start… so they can understand the value of their community as well, because communities are becoming extinct. Yes, we all live in close proximity but the community spirit is dying and this show, in my opinion, brought a point home to me and might to other parents as well.

Another tool might be to grab the above Community Minifigure set from Lego Education. This set allows exploration of life as a member of a community. The set has 21 playing cards and 5 downloadable  game ideas to promote social skills, critical thinking and language development. This would make a great hands on gift for children!

We are all superheroes, even you and me, because we all keep the world turning and do something that no one else does or in a way no one else can, and that deserves respect. A locksmith isn’t just a locksmith, he can save the day, and that is a world I want to live in!

🙂 BEM + Fam

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