Affiliates and Donations


All donations that I get from this site will go to our family’s Little Corner Library, a library that we are building on our property for anyone to use, borrow from and trade books from! Plans are being drawn right now and between now and spring (2017) we will be building the library and buying books for it. Donations will go for replenishing the books in the library! For more information on this project click here (link coming).


I did not, like so many, start a blog to make money using affiliates, only to turn around and post a grouping of like minded posts from other bloggers, with no original content… to gain traffic to my blog. If you have read my About Me page, you know why I started this blog, however, I still have businesses and items that I love and want to share with others. Below is a group of those, they are considered affiliates, and they might change.

Amazon (I won’t review them, everyone knows them. I am a prime member and LOVE it)

Usborne is a children’s book publisher originally from the UK but is now also in the US. They use direct marketing to sell some of their books, though a small selection can be found at bookstores and museum stores. I do NOT sell Usborne nor will I get compensated for this link, however, because of my love for the books (we have used many for homeschooling), I share a webpage owned by a very good friend of mine who has been with the company for over a decade.  For more on Usborne, click here for my full review.

Plexus (review coming)

Craftsy (review coming)

Bluum is a monthly subscription service for your little ones! The boxes are handpicked for gender and age, often contain organic items, and have a perceived higher value. Check out this blog post about Bluum here.