Gluten free pancakes


gluten free pancakesLove pancakes but not into gluten? Try these gluten free pancakes!

These pancakes will be an awesome addition to your life and you only need 3 ingredients, banana (nice sized), eggs and oil or grease for the pan. I will note here that having used both, ripe or extra ripe bananas will not work as well, you want them to be just turning yellow or almost ripe, for the best results.

The instructions are too simple, mix a banana and 2 eggs in a mixer, grease your pan and use the mixture like normal pancake mix!

My family liked these, they are not overly, if at all, banana tasting and I have doubled without issue, but the 1-2 ratio will give a couple servings, if not more, depending on size of pancake! Of course, add your favorite toppings and sides but definitely enjoy!

🙂 Bet and fam

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