Halloween crafts for kids!

Too Cute to Spook!

I love making art with my kid’s hand and foot prints, they are only small once and every year they grow. I can imagine someday my boys being men and showing their children how small their hand prints once were compared to the manly size they will become or my daughter tickling her daughter’s toes after showing her how tiny her mommy’s toes once were. Smile 🙂

Ghost foot printLast year we made a family Halloween picture with our foot prints, yes when I say family I mean that the kids, myself and my husband all painted up our feet, lol, my husband is a sport!

I painted a canvas black and allowed it to dry. Then one by one (I waited for each to dry) I painted our feet white to make the ghosts. The good thing about this is that if there is a mistake you can just allow the paint to dry, cover with black and try again, which we had to do once.

GhostOnce the ghosts all dried, I took a fine permanent marker and made the ghost’s faces, which are just circles and then I wrote the name of the person on their print, like here.

This year I just wanted to do the kids, I love having the one family print, it is like a family portrait but our feet aren’t cute or getting bigger and honestly my step-daughter’s hands and feet are basically my size so I just did the little ones. I chose to make candy corn.

Candy CornI painted a smaller canvas purple and one by one, like before, painted their feet yellow, orange and white and pressed them down. It should be noted that feet are harder to work with than hands. We just sat the canvas on the ground and guided their feet onto it and pushed down for them. My boys could hardly stop laughing from being tickled by the paintbrush to do this but in the end we got this…

Candy corn Halloween craftsI am thinking of adding a black frame to this picture and putting the above ghosts into either and orange or purple one, but as it is I think it is darling! I added the names as before and the frames just help protect the art for many Halloween seasons to come!

Sometimes I wonder if the kids will fight over these or fight over having to take them… but I hope that they are cherished as much I as cherish them now. The kids are growing up so fast and any excuse to capture them now, I go for it. I hope this inspires and idea!

I hope you enjoy these Halloween crafts! Post yours on my Facebook page, I’d love to see your ideas!

🙂 Bet and fam

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